Lorelei:  So...why all this, Dr. T?  Tryon: Well, I could give Viagra perscriptions to aging ceos...Botox to women on their third marriage...wake up wanting to gouge out my eyeballs--Tryon (Caption): --Or do what my Uncle Alex sent me to medical school for-- Alex Tryon: Proud of  you, Phil! After your internship--come to our clinic-- Phil Tryon: Healing people--not bank balances.

Tryon (Capton): Interning at a local Atlanta hospital, I met a surgical/obstetrics intern-- Phil Tryon: Admit it, Ally.  You're here just to escape your two young boys--  Ally Bowman: Dan and Leo? You got that right...Tryon (Caption): Ally was a television producer's second wife.  After starting her internship, her husband returned to his first wife... Ally Bowman: Just...a letter? After having two kids together?  You sorry, sick--



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