Tryon (Caption): After my internship-- Phil Tryon: Glad to be here at  your clinic, Uncle Alex---you look...worried. Alex Tryon: Three break-ins in the last month from junkies looking for durgs.  Three!!Tryon (Caption): So one night I was staying late at the Clinic--I heard a noise--a nurse kept a gun hidden, because of an abusive ex-- Phil Tryon: Come on out!! Don't make me--

Phil Tryon: ...Shoot... Intruder: Eeyaii!!! Tryon (Capton): I had never, ever touched a gun.  I was excited.  I was terrified.  I didn't mean to shoot--I even aimed upwards, away from the intruder--

Tryon (Caption): I just didn't count on the ricochet-- I didn't count on Uncle Alex returning for his wallet-- Phil Tryon: No. No. No no no no no... Tryon (Caption):  That I had mistake.Tryon (Caption): I cried like a baby at the funeral.  Uncle Alex put me through college-- medical school-- and I made my aunt a widow.  Police exonerated me.  Guilt still consumed me.



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