Tryon (Caption): Abby's ex moved to New York City--so she raised her boys alone.  Well...maybe with a little help... Dan Bowman: Here's Phil!  Bye, Mom---Leo! Abby Bowman: Enjoy Cub Scouts, Dan!  Leo: Wanna go too!Tryon (Caption): Returning to the Atlanta clinic--Abby became an associate--our obstetrician and a surgeon. Guilt kept me there--for a decade. Phil Tryon: Half the world dreads darkness-- needlessly--blindness easily cured.

Tryon (Caption): When the boys became teenagers--- Abby: sure... Leo: The Drake home for 'sisted livin' treats me good.  Honest, Mom.  Dan: Dad's a jerk--but living in New York'll help me go to Julliard someday.Tryon (Caption):The boys left in safe circumstances--we became the two main surgeons at a Nigerian mission hospital--helping those who truly needed us--now work has ever been as fulfilling--as fastifying.



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