Tryon: Now I:'ve accepted this new project... Ally: ---And I'll join you in a few weeks.  Tryon: If my flight's not cancelled... Dan Bowman: Where are you going again?  Tryon: A remote southern Chad province--Bloodlust: Well, it's been interesting...and I want to thank you for your...hospitality.  Chad.  Beautiful country.  Dirt poor. Guns...overflowing.  Desolate.  Violent.  ...But I have to keep...moving.

Rebel leader: Who are you fleeing?  CIA?  Mossad? Al-Qaeda?  Bloodlust: I should be so lucky.  Rebel leader: Excellent job training my elite troops...but Wolfgang March used to one.  Bloodlust didn' If you knew who I was'd be afraid too.  Rebel leader: Fear is a luxury I can no longer afford... my murdered father's shade would spit on me.



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