Leader: Yes...March is taking off in one of our planes.  Under my athority...as military commander for the Herlads of Change...March is to be granted safe passage.Leader: Yes...when you have a skilled mercentary like Bloodlust...uh!!  Forgot. He asked me not to mention that name on satellite phone or email.  He must think the entire CIA's after him!

'Bloodlust'.  'Mercenary'.  He's been staying away from email--cellphones--but Bloodlust can't keep everyone he contacts away from them.  Southern Chad, huh? The Boxx will want to know ASAP.Lorelei: 'Lo? Vicki? You're ringin' my cell phone?  Makes sense...Bloodlust?? You found him..? Oh.  But you know where he last was...right.  Just got off the bus...I'm almost home.



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