Lorelei: So...where is he?  Vicki: In southern Chad. Lorelei: Uh...where's that? Vicki: Africa.  Lorelei: Do they hang people there?  Vicki: Uh...they usually shoot people there...why? Lorelei: Heard 'bout hangin' chads years ago...

Lorelei: Isn't that awful? Hangin' anybody... Vicki: Uh...Lorlei, 'hanging hads' refers to the Bush and Gore race in Florida... Lorelie: Hangin' anybody is a lot of fore.. Vicki: Uh...right.  Lorelei: Let me change..

Mindmistress: Well, Vicki---Bloodlust has finally slipped up a little.  Vicki: Remember--he's not there any more, Boss.  Mindmistress: Granted.  But he may have mentioned where he's going--left some clues.So Bloodlust was with the Heralds for Change--one of numerous rebel groups in Chad.  Led by one Mikiala Ngaralbaye--better known as--Vengeful.

Mindmistress: Tactically brilliant-- Ngaralbaye earned his 'Vengeful' nickname after his father's accidental slaying in the village of Deccajur.  He slew half the village--survivors--still paying him a yearly...tribute.Lorelei: 'Lo? Vicki? You're ringin' my cell phone?  Makes sense...Bloodlust?? You found him..? Oh.  But you know where he last was...right.  Just got off the bus...I'm almost home.



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