Mindmistress: Chad.  Official languages...standard Arabic and French. 120 indigenous languages.  I'll brush up on my Kibet and Bernde..after I 'could men's mindsd'...Shadow-like, to turn hypnotically invisible...Guard1: We've been in the field too long--now--guard duty? Do you know how long it's been since I've even seen a woman?  Guard2: Six weeks...two days...three hours.  Guard1: Smartmouth.

Guard Caption: Commander Ngaralbaye will be making an important satellite call... no one may disturb. Personal Guard:  No one will approach Vengeful's door while I'm standing, sir. Guard Caption: Show respect.  Comander Ngaralbaye.  Vengeful's a nickname. No, President Deby has almost no power here. He'd rather cower in his capital, N/Djamena. Locally, I hold the power.  Deby's preoccupied with the Darfur refugees crowding us...fortunately.



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