First off, Field Commander--I want to compliment you on your English.  Since most of our men can't speark it, we can talk...freely.  How is your force progressing--?Vengeful: Excellent, field commander.  Keep collecting those...trbutes.  Deccajur will be a problem, however.  This new doctor is coming---sent by the Red Cross/Cresent---we must squealch this now!

Field Commander: The other two squads are in the field, sir.  We'll rendezvous in two weeks-- after collecting from several villages--then finish our yearly tribute collection at Deccajur, as usual.Vengeful: Satisfactory.  The tribute keeps us well fed---after all, they're only farmers.  Herders.  I'll join you before the Deccajur push-- the shade of my father would insist on it.



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