Dan Bowman: So...why Chard?  Dr. Tryon: You've heard about the Darfur refugees, right?  Dan Bowman: Sure.   George Clooney and other celebrities have made it a cause delebre.  Dr. Tryon: UN refugee camps were set up in Chad...Dr. Tryon (off-camera): Resentment grew because the refugees were provided a higher standard of living than the local Chadians.  Dan Bowman: A lower standard...than Darfur refugees? Dr. Tryon: There are only 300 doctors in Chad...

Dr. Tryon (off-camera): A country three times the size of California.  Just...300 doctors. They depserately need medical dispensaries...obstetricians to train midwives...your uncle will play an important role there.Tryon (off-camera) : Under the banner of the red cross/red crescent...I'll set up a medical dispensary in the village of Deccajur--- maybe someday, a small teaching hospital--to tain doctors.



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