Dan Bowman: I wish I could visit..see for myself... Dr. Tryon: Dan...we'll be bringing our own  generator.  Electricity is a luxury.  Even phone service is chancy and scattershot.  Dan: Well...Dan Bowman: I've heard that...and have something...that'll come in handy.  Chuck--the bag.  Chuck: Yes sir, Mr. Bowman.. Dan: I'd hate for you to be out of touch...

Dr. Tryon: ...A...satellite phone?  Dan: Yep. Top grade. Very durable.  GPS locator...called 'Big Bark'.  You can tell them it's a gift from your favorite Hollywood movie star friend...Tryon: Dan...you know how many movie theatres there are in Chad?  Dan: I'm afraid to guess.  Tryon: One.  One in th whole country.  Believe me--there you would be totally---unknown.



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