Passenger: First time in Chad?  Dr. Tryon: Yes. I spent years in Nigeria, though.  Passenger: This airport is..pretty substandard.  Tryon: S'Okay.  There's a saying, 'In Africa everything is possible--and nothing is easy.'Dr. Tryon: I appreciate the ride... Driver: No problem, Dr. Tryon. Northern Chad might be the 'Dead Heart of Africa'...but Southern Chad's rainy seasons make roads impassable---these all-terrain vehicles can cross both.

Dr. Tryon: Why are we stopping--? Driver: Private--impomptu--toll road.  One of many between here and Deccajur.  Dr. Tryon: The government allows this?  Driver: The government's too busy extorting their own bribes to care.Deccajur resident: Dr. Tryon, welcome--to Deccajur.  Let me show you to the dispensary--you'll need rest after your long journey--- I hope our 'ghost' will leave you undisturbed tonight-- Tryon: Ghost?  Deccajur resident: Sadly...yes.



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