Chuck: Sir---I got a call from Vicki from Dr. Minerva Daniels' office.  She wanted to schedule you for a two-week stay at her clinic... Dan Bowman: Vicki? Chuck---I'm going.  You?  Vacation.Mindmistress: So glad to see yuh again, Dan... Dan Bowman: Chuck--I want to introduce you to Doctor Minerva Daniels---wonderworker extraordinaire.  Mindmistress:  Minnie tuh my friends.  Maggie'll update your medical records... Chuck: Oh-kay.

Chuck: You sure you can take care of him?  Maggie: Look, he's in good hands with Doctor Daniels.  We're trained professionals.  Relax.  Dan Bowman: Listen to Maggie, Chuck.  Take your vacation.  Enjoy yourself.  Chuck: I suppose.Mindmistress: He's verah, verah loyal.  Dan Bowman: You can drop the Tennessee Williams.  Mindmistress: Dan--it's time for another treatment.  Time for--Forceful.  Your friend, Dr. Tryon-- Dan: Phil?  Mindmistress:  He's in terrible danger.



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