Mindmistress: Okay--you ready?  Dan Bowman: I've been ready for months!  Mindmistress: Your vitals seem okay--the slight improvement since the last treatment's held steady.  Dan: Get it over with. I...need this.Mindmistress: Very well. Dan Bowman:  So...strange.  First impulse's to scream because of the flames...but it's all a cool, painless chemical

Dan/Forceful: I feel so...alive.  Mindmistress: Yet you didn't go flying through a wall when  you first got up.  You're learning.  That uniform's in that drawer.  Five minutes till the 'catwalk' forms. Forceful: Right.Forceful: Okay--ready! Mindmistress: Ten times normal speed helps getting ready, doesn't it?  Forceful: The hundred times normal strength isn't anything to sneeze at, either.  Mindmistress: Next stop--Southern Chad-- Forceful: Bring it on.



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