Forceful: Where are we? Mindmistress: This used to be a prosperous village some fifty miles from Deccajur--where Philip Tryon practices.  Forceful: That burning stench--how long ago...? Mindmistress: Yesterday. Forceful: Who...did...this?Mindmistress: The Heralds of Change--a paramilitary rebel group.  Forceful: Why?  Mindmistress: The Heralds demanded tribute.  This village decided to stand up to them--- before they were burned to the ground.  Mindmistress: Wait. There--

Forceful: No. No. Is she--? Mindmistress: I'm afraid so.  Forceful: How could anyone---she's just a baby... Mindmistress: Some estimate that 10,000 a month died in the nearby Darfur conflict-- for years.Mindmistress: Each faceless statistic--is a life, as precious as this child's. Forceful: --Gone forever. sons.  Mindmistress: Now the Heralds are approaching Deccajur-- Forceful: --To do the same? ---Including--Phil?  No!!



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