Village Elder: How is she?  Dr. Tryon: Mother and child are doing fine.  Village elder: I'm sure my niece is grateful--I hope you're hunry... Dr. Tryon:  Starving.  Village Elder: It's late, but we have cause to celebrate...Dr. Tryon: I do have a question, though.  Every night I see a different family lay out a bowl of food--doesn't htat attract animals?  Why do that? Village Elder: To feed our...'ghost'.

Dr. Tryon: Uh...who's it a ghost of?  Village elder: Oh, she's still alive.  It's just if you try to touch her---she disappears. --Reforming somehwere else---just beyond your line of sight. Dr. Tryon: Uh-huh.Tryon: Fascinating legend.  Village elder: Oh, it's not just a legend. I've talked to her since her...change.  Heard her sing.  Watched her eat.  Tryon: That's...pretty unbelievable.  Elder: ...Seen her fade mist.

Elder: She's...locationally challenged.  The more certain you are of where she is... for instance, trying to touch her--the greater chance she'll... relocate.  Tryon: That sounds insane--yet oddly-- familiar.Tryon: So--how do you know this--vanishing woman?  Elder: She was betrothed to the Heralds of Change's commander--a local rebel group.  She is--and will always be--my daughter.  Vanishing woman: Father...



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