Mindmistress: That village's still bothering you, isn't it? Forceful: Of course. Doesn't it bother you?  Mindmistress: Absolutely.  But the world's full of...dead babies.  If I tried to prevent every tragedy, I'd--Squadleader: Freeze!! It's not the woman our leader is searching for---just two oddly-dressed Europeans or Americans--nothing more. Mindmistress: What woman are you searching for?  Forceful: Huh? Does anyone speak English?  Mindmistress: Shhhh.

Squadleader: You speak Fulfulde quite fluently--that's rare among visitors. What are you doing here?: Mindmistress: Poking through corpses and ruins.  Your doing?  Forceful: Oh, for some subtitles--but guns I understand.Squadleader: Yes.  The fools thought the Heralds of Change could be trifled with.  Cheated us of our tribute.  As if soldiers should beg for food--for 'companionship'---like dirt-poor farmers.



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