Forceful: This joker led the torching--killing-- in that village? Mindmistress: Yes. Squadleader: So-- what are you?  Some sort of performers?  The man's flaming eyes are a nice trick.  Mindmistress: He's full of tricks...Squadleader: I'm singularly unimpressed by tricks.  When I'm out of the line of fire--shoot them. Forceful:  He has no clue? Mindmistress: None. Forceful: Any limits? Mindmistress: Nope. Forceful: I won't kill. Maim, maybe... Mindmistress: Uh-huh.

Soldier 1: Target practice!  Soldier2: Shoot the man first. The woman might prove...amusing...for a while.  Soldier3: In that tin suit?  I hope you brought a can opener.  Soldier2: Um. Excellent point.  Oh, well...Squadleader: Yes.  The fools thought the Heralds of Change could be trifled with.  Cheated us of our tribute.  As if soldiers should beg for food--for 'companionship'---like dirt-poor farmers.



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