Vengeful: Field Commander, about time you reported in--any sign of--her?  Mindmistress: No.  Solider1: Argh!! Solider2: My arm--!! Mindmistress: I'm a different her, by the way.  Vengeful: What? Who are you? What's happening to my men?  Mindmistress: Dislocated shoulders--accidentally--?---broken legs--Mindmistress: ...A virtual cornucopia of mayhem.  By the way, if you'd rather discuss this in Arabic, French, or some native Chadian language...feel free.  Vengeful: Why are you doing this?

Mindmistress: A dead baby girl...a torched village--a friend in Deccajur.  Leave.  Deccajur.  Alone.  Vengeful: Hmmmm. Freidns of the new doctor, perhaps? How many--? Mindmistress: Two.  Vengeul: Just--? Mindmistress: More than enough...Vengeful.Vengeful: Everyone--we're moving now.  Someone just threatened me--threatened...'Vengeful'.  --An ill-advised thing to do.  I'm having trouble finding one woman--but I'm looking forward to meeting this one.



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