Dr. Tryon: Snooorrrkkk snorrr snozzz kuuu guuukuuu zzzurrr ssnnokkkuzzzVanishing woman: Doctor? Doctor, wake up...I hate to disturb your sleep--but during the day you're surrounded by people---and the more people around--the greater chance I'll-- disappear.  Dr. Tryon: Snookkk snorrrr snozzzz

Vanishing woman: Doctor? Please please wake up...I can't live like this any more..not dead...yet fading away like morning mist...no one should live like...this.  I'm so scared... Dr. Tryon: ...Me too.Dr. Tryon: Lady---how did you get in here? The window's screened--the door's still bolted.  Vanishing woman: I don't know. I'll be somewhere...then I'll fade away...reappearing somewhere else.  I'm so...alone.



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