Dr. Tryon: Tea? Woman: Thanks.  Leave it on the table. If you touch me accidentally--I'll disappear.  Tryon: If you want my help...I need to know how you got this way.Woman (Caption): Two years ago, a rebel leader and his very loyal son arranged a meeting with my father.  Rebel leader: Deccajur'll be an excellent source of supplies for our troops.  Vengeful: Badly needed, Father.

Village elder: It'll be all right.  We won't antagonize the Heralds of Change.  They'll take some supplies and move on.  Driver: Maybe.  I'm sitll dreading this.  Elder: Andre-- there's a lizard on your hat.Driver: What?  Off me off me off me--stupid country--more lizards than people!  Take that!!  Elder: Andre--no!! Rebel leader: Eyaaahhh!!  Vengeful: Father--? No!! Woman (Caption): The son's response is how he earned the nickname--Vengeful.



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