Driver: So--this Deccajur driver--accidentally--killed your father?  So what did you do to him?  What about this--vanishing woman?  Vengeful:  Patience.  You'll see. I did what any loving son would--Vengeful (Caption): At gunpoint, the entire town watched--as I castrated, blinded, flayed, and crucified the driver. When that ruined piece of meat drew his last breath-- the village thought it a mercy.

Vengeful: Now--either your elder submits to a painful death--or we will torch--massacre--this entire village.  Elder: All for an--accident?  A lizard?  Vengeful: A great man died.  Blood...for blood.Vengeful: Well?  ?Your answer? Elder: I...I... Vengeful: You can't say it.  You know you should... you  just... can't.  Pity your village'll die for your...gutlessness.  Sister: No!! We're his daughters... Vanishing woman: Execute us instead.



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