Forceful: Everyone else's unconscious--you better be telling the truth.  Mindmistress: Vengeful's...Vanishing lady...was the daughter of a village elder? The elder's driver accidentally shot Vengeful's father?  Soldier: One of two daughters...Sister: Thomasina--I can't believe Father--how he was so cowardly-- Thomasina: Those soldiers following us---a firing squad?  Sister: Either that--or we're their--'entertainment'---before they kill us.  Thomasina: Dying...screaming...

Sister: --And personally--I'm not giving them the satisfaction. Soldier: Are you insane? Let go of my rifle-- Sister: Or what?  You'll kill me? Run, Thomasina!! Thomasina: But--the villagers! Won't they be killed?Sister: Maybe one death'll satisfy...unhh!!  Soldier: One down--what a waste. --But her sister will just have to 'entertain' us all-- Soldier2 (Caption): The other sister--Thomasina--ran like the wind.



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