Thomasina (Caption): Terror gave me winged feet.  I was already the fastest runner, male or female, in our village. Shooting widly--their aim warred with their lust--they weren't into necrophilia--luckily.Thomasina (Caption): I knew the area. They didn't. Plunging into the bush, I ran till my lungs were afire-- Thomasina: *gasp* *gasp* *gasp* Thomasina (Caption): Collapsing near where Lake Chad's shores used to be--decades before.

Thomasina (Caption): Then--in the empty lands--a nightmare arose.  Voice: Qui est la? Who's there?  Ma ismok?  Thomasina: Th-Thoasina.  Thomasina Oueddei.  Voice: Interesting name.  Thomasina: I was named for my mother's former are--?Thomasina: It'd been there since a huge sea covered much of Africa--how long ago was that?  Dr. Tryon: Lake Chad's the remnant of a mid-African sea--ten thousand years ago.



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