Vengeful: When I foudn the woman had eluded her pursuers--- I directed the search-- personally.  Her trail wasn't that hard to pick up--but I found her facing something-- extraordinary.Voice: You seem distressed... Thomasina: Men chasing me-- killed my sister-- will kill me when they catch me---it's a miracle they haven't caught me already-- Voice: If you were miraculously--uncatchable?

Thomasina: What? No!  Eyaaaayahhhh!!! Voice: For centuries I've just--observed.   This last century I've monitored your radio--television--Internet.  My voice is patterned after Edward R. Murrow, if you've heard of him--

Thomasina Eyahhhhaaaayaaahhh!!  Voice: Your civlization's learned about the Uncertainty Principle--and the Observer effect--for subatomic particles--how one cannot be sure of a particle's position and momentum--and how the observer effects the observed--

Thomasina: Eyayahhhhahhhh!!! Voice: --But like photons can be aligned to a laser--quantum undertainty an be aligned also--until you are as elusive--as uncatchable--as a single subatomic paritcle.  Vengeful: She's...fading?Thomasina: Eyayahhhhh!! Vengeful: That scream--the same scream--half a mile away?  Soldier: That--thing's--fading too... Voice: Thus, quantum effects--are manifested in the macroscopic.  Treating you like one huge quantum particle.



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