Mindmistress:  Quantum...effects?  On a lifesize scale?  Soldier: Why does she sound so...delighted?  I'm still not sure what it means... Forceful: Me neither, Bunky.  This sort of big-brained doubletalk is her meat.Soldier (Caption): My leader, justly named Vengeful, rushed to the source of the screaming...only to find her running in panic towards him. Terrified.  Horrified.  Vengeful: ?You!  Oueddei daughter!  Stop!  Thomasina:  It's horrible...horrible...

Vengeful: Stay still! I--fading away again!  As soon as I touch you---Thomasina: I'm not doing it!  I can't control it!  Will I ever be able to touch anyone--again?  Where--Thomasina: --Am I going--now?  Soldier: Follow her voice, sir?  Vengeful: What for?  She'll just fade away--again.  Untl we figure out ways to capture her--we'll just execute half the village.



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