Mindmistress: This information changes my plans.  No wonder Vengeful won't leave this village alone...Vicki!! Vicki: Boss!  Mindmistress: Operation Lilliput armory.  Forceful: Gayahhh!! I hate it when she does that-- Vicki: Right away, Boss!Forceful: So why is Vengeful so interested--?  Mindmistress:  The secret of untraceable thefts-- uncatchable spies?  He could become a world power-- with that.  Turn around.  Unlatch your boots.  Forceful: Need a ride?

Mindmistress: Hi, yo, silver! Awaaaayyy!!! Forceful: You are enjoying this wayyyy too much.... Mindmistress: Hey, I enjoyed piggyback rides as a kid...now I'm getting one going three hundred feet high... Forceful: Still...disturbing...Mindmistress: There's the village of Deccajur, according to GPS tracking of Dr. Tryon's satellite phone...but it looks like we're not the only visitors.  Forceful: They've already destroyed one village...Phil...?



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