Dr. Tryon: Since you believe you'll disappear if I touch you--could you take your own temperature--- blood pressure?  Soldier: Doctor! You're coming with us! Dr. Tryon: What? Thomasina: D-Doctor?  I'm fading...I'll see you...later...Vengeful: Aaahhh, Doctor.  Unfortunate your dispensary is in this village.  Soldier: e was talking ot the vanishing woman you seek... Dr. Tryon: What do you want?  Vengeful: The names of your American...protectors, perhaps?

Dr. Tryon: I don't have any protectors.  I wish I had.  Vengeful: I see. Now.  If I think you're lying--I will kill a child for each lie.  Dr. Tryon: I-I won't lie.  Vengeful: Wise.Vengeful: Two Americans humbled a small force of my men.  American.  Like you.  You've talked with the disappearing woman I'm seeking.  Small things.  Yet sometimes---small things have huge consequences.



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