Vengeful: An...unusual entrance.  Mindmistress: I'm the woman who warned yo away from Deccajur.  Vengeful : Oh?Dr. Tryon: Oh, great. I've gone totally fruit loops. Mental.  Round the bend. Disappearing women..and now...superheroes.Vengeful: I have men stationed all over the village.  Al lwith gns aimed to ventilate innocents' skulls--if I'm frustrated.  No matter what your abilities--your weaponry--I hold the real power.

Forceful: You know what I could do to you?  Vengeful: If you were really leaping--somehow-- I can guess.  But it doesn't matter.  The shocked expression on your faces--confirms your concern.Vengeful: --Which means I hold the power.  Forceful: Paralyze 'em?  Mindmistress: Too many. Too scattered. Innocents would die.  Forceful: Tellme you have a brilliant plan!  Forceful: Of course I have a brilliant plan.



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