Mindmistress: People of Deccajur!  Many ofyou will feel strange sensations momentarily!  These will protect you--not harm you.  Forceful: Uh...what?  Mindmistress: Assuring innocent bystanders that they'll be...unharmed.Boy: Eyaaayahhh!!! Soldier: Wh-what is--that?  Metal creeping up him--encasing him--it's...horrible! Mindmistress: I've developed robots which can alter their shcapes-- their intelligence a local network of nanomachines-- Forceful: Help him, MM!

Another boy: Stopitstopitstopit!! It's swallowing me!! Mindmistress: The nanomachines can shift to a variety of configurations--the bigger robots can become jets-- submarines-- Forceful: He's screaming his head off!  Mindmistress: --The smaller--become replicas of my armor!  Listen, everyone in armor! Your armor'll multiply your strength twelvefold--triple your speed--deflect gunfire away! You have the power--now.



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