Boiy: Look how high I can jump! Mindmistress: The children you threatened--the aged, the weak--for once they needn't be victims! Soldier: This eyes--their faces--unprotected!  Our meat!Soldier: Execute that child. What--?  What's--happening? Soldier2:  Shoot him!  Shoot him!! Boy: The bullets-- not hitting me--veering away--you can't hurt me-- you can't!!

Boy: You! I remember you! I remember what you did to my father--to my mother!!  Soldier: S-s-stop... Boy: Did you stop when she was whimpering for mercy?Boy: My hands--I can't close them arond his neck--why?  I can't--   Mindmistress: Murder him?  Strangle him?  Right. You can't.  You're 'wearing' one of my robots--programmed not to kill.



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