Mindmistress: The Heralds only have part of their forces here--Forceful, leap up and see if you see other forces approaching.  Forceful: If I do?  Mindmistress: Use your imagination.  Just...stop them.Forceful: Nice view--from three hundred feet up.  She's right.  --Not that's any surprise-- a force is winding its way towards Deccajur-- and is about to get a big surprise.

Dr. Tryon: Dan. That was...Dan.  But...it couldn't be Dan! Dan can't even take a step on his own---much less a superhuman three-hundred-foot leap!  Mindmistress: He got better.Dr. Tryon: --And you--you're--the hair color--eye color--even the voice is different--but you're--  Mindmistress: An old friend--helping someone more perceptive than Dan.  Vengeful: So you do know them--



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