Forceful: I love this. No male nurses. No motorized whellchairs. No catheters. No bedpans.  No more being treated like an infant!  Fo a change, they can barely move--compared to me!Forceful: Convoy of the 'Heralds of Change'--traveling on a road right next to a river! Sweet!  Dirver: Crazy White man--dropping out of the sky--why didn't he go...splat?

Forceful: Alll  out--now!  Sorry.  Need your vehicle--without you in it!  With a hundred times a man's normal strenght, it feels like it weights fifteen pounds-- Soldier: H:e tossed us aside--like rag dolls!  Soldier2: Ayiiee!!Forceful: The same weight as a shot put--my faovirte athletic event when I went to Julliard's.  Ah!  Still got it--  Soldier: Why--isn't he dying?  His skin's mostly bare--



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