Forceful: And another-- Soldier: How--how is he doing that? And-- why?  Captain: He's destroying our vehicles!  Do you want to walk to Deccajur?  Do you want Vengeful to get...impatient?  Shoot him!!Forceful: Mildly annoying... like being pelted by tiny hail or ice pellets-- wish I understood you-- MM should invent one of those universal translator thingees you see in Star Trek... Soldier: Die! Die!  Die!

Forceful: Problem: How do you stop a military force without tediously breaking bones?  Soldier: The vehicles-- they're totally blocking that small river-- like a makeshift dam-- run. Runnnn!!Forceful: Answer: Wash your troubles away.  Good the surrounding country's so flat-- perfect for flash floods!! Vengeful's not getting any reinforcements now-- Soldier: Swim for your lives!  Swimmm!!



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