Forceful: MM! Where's Doc Tryon?  Mindmistress: Missing. Forceful, with so many soldiers fighting the armored villagers---Dr. Tryon and Vengeful disappeared in the confusion.  I suspect, wherever they are, they're--together.Dr. Tryon: My dispensary? Why?  Vengeful: Relatively undisturbed.  The last place she was spotted.  She owes me a life.  Dr. Tryon: You're insane.  Your men're being injured by vicitims retaliating for you...atrocites.

Dr. Tryon: All for what? An accident!  No one meant to kill your father--Vengeful: Yet he's still...dead. Ancient Greeks knew.  Innocence is not enough.  Someone must be punished...regardless.Vengeful: The Fates. The Furies.  Even in your own literature...Herman Melville wrote of Captain Ahab's pursuit of a dumb strike behind Infinity's mask...there are no...accidents.



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