Dr. Tryon: Interesting.  You're building up an impressive body count-- to frustrate a fate that 'defied' you.  Can I remove some photos from my wallet?  Vengeful:  Go ahead.  You're no threat.  Dr. Tryon: Very true.Dr. Tryon: I keep photos of some of the people I've saved.  I killed my uncle-- by mistake.  Since then--I've saved hundreds.  Delivered hundreds of babies--prevented hundreds of deaths.

Dr. Tryon: Any fool with a knife--gun--garotte--can end a life.  It takes skill to save lives!  We all die...and dying's forever!  It's life that's...precious.  Vengeful: Indeed?

Vengeful: Congratulations.  You've given some a few more years-- postponed an inevitable end-- devoted your life-- trained for years-- for a fight you can never win.  Postponing a foregone conclusion...fool. Tryon: Ungh!



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