Thomasina: Congratulations.  You've knocked out an old man.  Of course, if he were awake--if you both were aware of me---I'd fade away.  Vengeful: Ahhh, it's been a while...Thomasina.Thomasina: He's done nothing but help this village while here... Vengeful: He admitted he killed his own uncle.  Thomasina: Accidentally.  Vengeful: Yet his uncle's still wormfood. Innocence doesn't excuse...anything.  Enough about him...

Vengeful: The secret of your--elusiveness--is worth billions.  I will have it.  I don't know the secret.  How will you get it?  Dissect me?  You can't even touch me...Thomasina: ...Without my fading away.  Vengeful: True.  But I took...precautions.  Thomasina: Father!  He's not..? Vengeful: Dead?  No. My men captured him--tied him up--chloroformed him.  We can touch him.  Thomasina: No. Please.



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