Mindmistress: Vicki.  Vicki: Boss?  Mindmistress: Phil's resting...but he hasn't got much longer.  Find Forceful--have him return here--bringing one of Vengeful's lieutenants with him.Vicki: Handsome.  Forceful: Vick!  Good to see you.  Vicki: Likewise.  If that's one of Vengeful's lieutenants, the Boss wants both of you--pronto.  Forceful: Phil--?  Vicki: Moving Tryon will make things worse.  I'm sorry...

Mindmistress: You returned.  Elder: One daughter was murdered--for me.  Another became half-ghost.  Now the Doctor's dying--in my stead.  Enough.  Mindmistress: Tell me...does your disappearing daughter have a favorite...haunt?Elder: She's often sighted by her sister's grave... Mindmistress: Excellent. And here's Forceful... Rebel: I'mgoingtodie!I'mgoingtodie!I'mgoingtodie!I'm-- Forceful: How's Phil? Mindmistress: Holding on...just barely.  Dr. Tryon: Dan--?



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