Forceful: Phil--I'm so sorry-- Dr. Tryon: Hey--everyone dies--sooner or later--but I just wanted you to know--your mother and I--- Forceful: Phil--we knew.  Honest. Even Leo knew--Tryon: You knew?  Forceful: That you two were lovers?  Of course.  We were just glad you two had each other--you were also kinder and more supportive than my real father ever was.

Dr. Tryon: I love you--like sons--it killed me when Leo showed mental deficiencies--so proud of your success--mounred at your...spinal injury.  Now..somehow--it's...all...Tryon: ...Good.

Forceful: Gone.  How can erson...kind, skilled...loving...become...cooling meat?  So...unreal... Mindmistress: Yet it's the only reality we're sure of.  Vikci.  Vicki: Boss?  Mindmistress: Vengeful's lieutenant's satphone--download its call history.



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