Mindmistress: Vicki: satellite imagery.  Show me a graveyard near Deccajur.  Vicki: Here you go, Boss.  Not too far from here...it's the only local graveyard--her sister's surely buried there.Vicki: In five minutes, we can get a 'catwalk' to take you there...that'd be faster than running... Mindmistress: No thanks. I've got a ride.  Oh, Forceful... Forceful: What again?

Forceful: Hey, if I'm going to be your horse, shouldn't I get some oats, or sugar cubes, or something?  Mindmistress: You may be getting a saddle if you keep complaining--Mindmistress: There's a graveyard seven miles southwest of here--whooo!!! Forceful: Yeah, I know.  It gets to me too...most of the year I can't take a step.   Now...seven-league leaps.



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