Thomasina: Well...looks like I'm not the only local..miracle.  Vengeful: The armored lady and the inhumanly strong one?  Wonderful.  I'm fighting figures out of...fairy tales.  Thomasina: And I'll...fade away.Thomasina: Their names...Mindmistress...? Forceful...?  How do I know them?  And do I recognize them...or the one who haunts my dreams? ...And made me this way? And where's Vicki?

Mindmistress: Dan, you know Dr. Tryon's satellite phone number? Forceful: I should.  I gave it to him.  Forceful: Vicki?  Voice only. Vicki: Yo.  Mindmistress: Connect us to the phone number Dan's about to give us.Thomasina: What? Who's calling me?  H-hello?  Mindmistress: Mme. Oueddei?  This is the armored woman who--  Thomasina: Mindmistress?  Mindmistress: You know my name?  Interesting.  I know you're disappearing---you must keep talking.



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