Mindmistress: Mme. Oeddei-- Thomasina: Thomasina.  Mindmistress: You keep disappearing--relocating--every time someone tries to touch you-- Thomasina: Or I'm the presence of two or more people--but--no one's near--Thomasina: And I'm fading anyway--- Mindmistress: Thomasina--it's going to get worse--but it's your only chance of becoming normal again.  Vengeful: Why did you interfere?  Forceful: Adead infant--and dead doctor.

Thomasina: Where--? Mindmistress: Emi Koussi, an extinct volcano inChad--hundreds of miles North of where you were.  Brace yourself. You're about to-- Thomasina: I'm facing away again--how are you doing this--?Thomasina: Now I'm by some lake--  Mindmistress: The current shores of Lake Chad.  Do you ever appear somewhere dangerous--like over water?   Thomasina: N-no...  Mindmistress: Or start to appear in anything solid?  Thomasina: No!!



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