Mindmistress: Now you're at the waterfall at-- Thomasina: I don't care.  I've lived this half-life for two years. I know how this works!  Someone tries to touch me---two people watch--Thomasina: I disappear. But no one's near now-- Forceful: Tied up Vengeful--maybe I should--  Mindmistress: No. Stay here. I need two individuals watching--and I'm not sure Vicki counts.  Vicki: Gee, thanks. Mindmistress: Sorry.

Thomasina:  Keep up that GPS tracking screen, Vicki--look! She's near the edge of the Sahara.  Mindmistress: What?  You're tracking me somehow--and the two of  you watching--that's causing this?Thomasina: Uhhh! I'm on a--mountaintop?   Mindmistress: Wow.  That was a big jump-- Thomasina:  Am I jus a --curiosity? An experiment?  Mindmistress: No. This is necessary--to see if I can cure you. No guarentees.



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