Forceful: This is where I ask for an explanation--then pretend I understand.  What's happening to her??  Mindmistress: Do you know how laser light differs from ordinary light?  Forceful: Uh...not really.Mindmistress: Ordinary light is scattered--multiple wavelengths--its photons going everywhere.  Not...aligned.  Laser light is coherent-- photons marching in step.  It makes lasers tremendously more powerful.  Forceful: Sooo...she's a laser??

Mindmistress: Werner Heisenberg discovered the Uncertainty Principle--proving you can't determine both the position and momentum of a subatomic particle. the other.  Forceful: She's not a subatomic particle!!Thomasina: Uhhh! I'm on a--mountaintop?   Mindmistress: Wow.  That was a big jump-- Thomasina:  Am I jus a --curiosity? An experiment?  Mindmistress: No. This is necessary--to see if I can cure you. No guarentees.

Mindmistress: Somehow--the particles that make up Thomasina--some quantum effects have become--aligned. Coherent. Amplified.  Forceful: Laserlike?  Mindmistress: Like subatomic particles, her location become...uncertain.  Observation also changes her location.Mindmistress: Get all that? Forceful: Honestly? I'm totally and utterly usual.  Mindmistress: *Sigh*



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