Thomasina:'s almost like a strobe effect--places shimmering and fading--what's different?  What did you do?  Mindmistress: It's the phone--the doctor's phone--its GPS tracker--but don't let go!Mindmistress: Satellites overhead simultaneously pinpoint where you are--and in your--condition...triggers your...relocation.  Especially since Forceful and I are tracking your progress. An uncatchable woman--bersus an unbeatable tracking system.

Forceful: What if she appears...underwater?  In space?  In sotne? Mindmistress: Two years of this--that hasn't happened yet.  Something's safeguarding her.  We've just...speeded up the relocation rate.  Thomasina: It's ironic...Thomasina: When I was a child...I hated my village...dreamed of travelling the wide world.  My moher's tutor--my namesake--often said--'be careful what you wish for.'



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