Okay-doke, Mistuh Bowman--it's the final treatment---no one's at the complex 'cept me an' Vicki... Vicki: --And you. Remember, Miss Solomon made  you sign a nondisclosure agreement. Dan Bowman: Right.Mindmistress: --And I promised yuh before we're done, yuh'll be able to move out of hyeah--by yuhself. Bowman: It seems---too good to be true. Mindmistress: Understand---it won't be permanent. Just for--certain periods--

Mindmistress: ---But after each session your spine will be improved. After a dozen of them--hopefully... Bowman: I'll be normal...again? MindmistresS: ...In theory.  'Scuse me...ah need a protective suit...Bowman: That's your 'protective suit?? Looks like someone's superhero costume on the 'Ultimate' set... Mindmistress: Goof. It's more useful than y'think. An internal exoskeleton helps me lift things...protects me, too.

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