Bowman: You're lifting me a b-baby!! Mindmistress: Like I said, this suit helps me lift things...I set up a blanket--it'll be better if you make your first movements---outside.Mindmistress: This'll work...dozens of acres behind the complex.  Remote. Plenty of room for lots of movement. Bowman: You make it sound--like I'll be doing somersaults! Mindmistress: You'll see.

Mindmistress: Now--the final activation. All the changes are within--but dormant. It begins.... Bowman: Eyaahh! I'm afire!! Mindmistress: No. Notice. No pain. Nor are your clothes or blanket even singed.Bowman: You're...right. But what...?  Mindmistress: A chemical reaction. Your 'useless' organs---appendix, tonsils, coccyx, wisdom teeth, excess fat cells, even true 'junk' DNA...are being...reshaped.  Transformed.  Bowman: Changing---? Into--what?

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