Bowman: What's going on?? The truth, lady!! Mindmistress: Your spine now functions--temporarily. Your muscles' strength have hundredfold! Your speed tenfold. Your bones, your skin--are now a hundredfold tougher.Bowman: Hundred? But why--ulp!! Mindmistress: Gotcha! Careful--you're like a normal man who's weight has suddenly been reduced to less than two pounds. The slightest movmeent sends you flying!

Mindmistress: Here. Let me hold you down...till you get used to this. Bowman: Sure. Hold down the freak... Mindmistress: Will you stop that? You were'normal' a few mintues ago...paralyzed. Helpless.Mindmistress: Now nanites in your appendix convert a microscopic fraction of wastes directly into energy---your coccyx--and wisdom teeth--strengthen molecular bonds--- Bowman: But---am I---human anymore?  Mindmistress: No. Better.

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