Mindmistress: But don't take my word for it...take yourself out for a...test drive.  Bowman: A test drive?? Mindmistress: You've been barely moving---and hurtling dozens of feet...so now...jump!Bowman: Wow. (Caption) Imagine this. A few days ago, I thouht it a real accomplishment--to move my big toe. Now--one jump---and I'm eye-to-eye with eagles. Ecstacy. Epiphany.

Mindmistress: Hmmm. 300 feet. Not bad. Bowman: Dr. Danielllssss... (Caption) Of course, epiphany turns to panic---when gravity starts clawing you down--it's a long, long, looong, looong way to fall.Bowman (Caption): Twenty feet up... Mindmistress: Gotcha!! Actually, you'd probably have survived the fall fine---I just wasn't sure what'd happen if you landed on your head... Bowman: You weren't sure?? That's...wonderful...

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