Mindmistress: Okay, see that two-ton tractor back there? Bowman: Uh...yeah? Mindmistress: Lift it. It should feel like forty pounds. Bowman: Riiiight. By the way...what happened to your Southern drawl...Dr. Daniels?Bowman: One hand. You sure this thing weighs two tons? One hand. Mindmistress: To answer your question....the southern drawal is as phony as 'Dr. Daniels'.  Bowman: So I call you--? Mindmistress: Mindmistress.

Bowman: Mindmistress? What a dumb name---whoa!! Mindmistress: Here. Let me help. Careful! You're strong enough---but your palm doesn't have much surface area. Like balancing a suitcase on your pinky.Bowman: Okay, 'Mindmistress'...what's going on? Calling this a 'medical treatment' is like calling an atom bomb a campfire.  Mindmistress: Fair enough. I have superhuman intelligence, due to a special process--

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