Mindmistress (Caption): I---and another person---are intellectually brighter than humanity---as humanity is from---chimps. ---But he's in trouble. Forethought: Okay. i've reset my legsplint. Again. What next, Wei?Kun Wei Tai: Why so sad, Elijah? You came looking for your old fraternity brother, Kun Wei Tai---you just found more than you were expecting.  Forethought: You're lonely for company.  Yes. I know.

Forethought: You sent those messages to those email adresses, right?  Kun Wei Tai: Yes. You've changed, Elijah. You email in obscure languages...you speak Mandarin flawlessly...in college, you barely spoke French.Kun Wei Tai: You're much...smarter. Forethought: Um. If I'm so smart...would I slip into this cravesse---break my leg...having only a giant snow-sculpture of  your wife for company?

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